domingo, 3 de junio de 2012

UFO? Flare? YouTube video may be evidence of an aviation crime

A stunning video posted to YouTube and shown here, may just be a UFO hoax. But if not, it might be evidence of a crime prosecutable by the FBI. On Tuesday, May 22, US Airways flight 4321 was on approach at Philadelphia International Airport when the pilot suddenly radioed the tower reporting what he thought, but wasn't sure, was a flare passing close by his left hand window. The plane, a Bombadier Dash 8 twin-engine turboprop, landed safely but was quarantined on the tarmac for at least 30 minutes while local authorities investigated the disturbing incident. Shooting flares at airplanes is a federal crime and the FAA takes it very seriously. Local police were unable to find any evidence of a flare being fired, or any individuals in the area who either witnessed it or may have done it. The plane was cleared and the passengers were allowed to proceed. The story made national news, because of the mystery surrounding the details. UFO enthusiasts immediately took up the debate since the object itself was not identified. An investigation by the FAA and the FBI is ongoing. Advertisement On Thursday, a paranormal investigative group calling itself "AlienNewz" posted what they claim is an anonymously submitted video allegedly showing the event as it unfolded. The group postulates that the flare is actually a UFO, since the object doesn't behave as a signal flare normally does. It trails no smoke and more resembles a flying orb. Commenters on the video assert some imagery experience and rule out video trickery. The question is, if this is a real eyewitness video, who made it and submitted it? At the very least, if it is real, it's evidence of an aviation crime being committed. If it's a UFO hoax, it's in extremely bad, and dangerous, taste. The airplane seems to be the right kind, although markings are not visible. The airport cannot be identified, but cannot definitively be ruled out. The time of day seems right and it sounds like a thunderstorm is roiling through, which matches the weather pattern at the time of the incident. If this is a hoax, it's an extremely good one. But also one which may get the anonymous poster into a lot of trouble with the federal government, possibly even a prosecutable offense with severe penalties or a lengthy prison term as a consequence. What do you think? Is this a real video, or a faked hoax? Is it a UFO sighting? Is it evidence of an aviation crime?

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