sábado, 28 de julio de 2012

UFO Digest Digest Newsletter

This week, once again, we have a full slate of articles to hopefully sate your appetite for the unknown. But first, I would like you to experience our brand new website. It is easy to read, more organized and generally a far superior product. I hope you share my enthusiasm. Anyway, Pat Regan reports on his own UFO sighting and photographs close to an old Viking town. Author Steve Pearse investigates star maps! Albert Venczel writes about the Father of Remote Viewing, Ingo Swann. Next, Johanne Robichaud, our adventurous reporter interviews Kathleen Marden about Betty and Barney Hill. Talk Show host Kevin Smith writes about Russia's mysterious space program. Roger Marsh is back reporting on a UFOs hovering over Apply Valley CA. Next, Diane Tessman explores aliens and the warriors of the garden of good and evil! Scott Corrales takes us back to the time of Arthur, Merlin and magic. Louis Hart and seeing aliens. Jon Kelly reports on a former pilot who witnessed and videotaped multiple UFOs. Meanwhile, Paul Shishis is trying out his new camera and has captured video of something sinister, black near the CN Tower. Paul Schroeder still believes in reptilian aliens and Peter Fotis Kapnistos wonders about Zombie Drugs. These are just a few of our new articles - please visit our site and explore. Enjoy Dirk

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